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The Root Chakra

Hi All, so I started off my gong chakra series this week with the root chakra gong bath at the Self Centre in Bury St Edmunds, and it made me think about how many of us have had our foundations shaken over this past year.

The root (or base) chakra can be located in the physical body at the base of the spine, near the coccyx, in the pelvic area between the perineum and the anus. It is usually represented by the colour red and when in balance you have

  • a flow of abundance

  • found your tribe

  • a connection to the earth.

  • a strong foundation, and feel grounded.

  • a feeling of belonging,

  • a strong lower body

When out of balance you can often feel

  • like you are just surviving

  • that you are all alone

  • that you are disconnected from, others, nature and yourself

  • fear

  • suicidal

  • weak in the lower back and legs

Before lockdown, I was doing ok, I had a strong group of friends, I was doing lots of open water swimming, so felt connected to nature, I felt that I belonged. Money was flowing in, it wasn't a huge amount but I couldn't complain. I was doing better than just surviving. I was able to go out and have coffee with friends when I wanted, buy my food and pay my bills, and occasionally go on a night out without worrying. Life was good, I was happy. But I was in a lot of pain with my lower back and pelvis, It sometimes took me 15 to 20 minutes to get out bed in the morning because I couldn't move without severe pain. It turns out my pelvis was open and needed to be closed.

Then lock down happened and my foundation was tested, what I thought was a strong (ish) foundation wasn't so strong. Abundance has always been a nemesis of mine and after a while I went into survival mode. I'm currently still there at the moment but I know it is not a permanent thing. This lockdown has made me revisit things that I thought were healed, my body was telling me that my root chakra wasn't fully healed. I chose to ignore it but lockdown has made me face it and work on it.

What has been your root chakra challenge this past year? Please feel free to comment below.

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