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Vicky Warner

Girl with a Gong

People often ask me, what I do and how I work and to be honest it is always changing and evolving. 


I have learnt many different things over my lifetime, including massage, reflexology and herbal medicine.  These lead me to learning reiki, regression

and then sound healing with gongs and the voice.  I don't know how it will change in the future, but I know it will change into what is needed for that time.  

Right now, I feel I am here to hold people in the light so that they can work on their own shadow and help themselves to heal.  This maybe by healing old wounds, releasing blocked emotions and dissolving old patterns caused by trauma and day to day life which has knocked us out of balance.


I have over 23 years' experience behind me, and I am happy to share my gifts with you. 


A picture of Victoria Warner and her gong
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